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I've never been a fan of group projects. I know how to be a team player and how to do my job well. If appointed team leader, I strive to do the best for my group and to earn a great grade for our group. If the group consists of my friends, it'll contain a lot of laughing and junk food eating.

[edit: 7/3/08]
After this assignment it made me ponder... "Am I fit to be a manager?" This was my first REAL time dealing with different types of people around my age. I tried the best to lay out our essay strategy to the group, explain why I chose this certain path and distinguish it among the rest of the class, plan out what needed to be done and hope that execution would go well and finish in a timely manner. Everything went awry as I stayed up constantly editing and getting it proofread, basically putting a lot of effort to make sure communication was sound and getting to the right people. Apparently no one cared. No one responded to anything I did, except for one guy for which I was grateful. But it just seemed like they depended on me to pull up the slack and ride on my back for the f!cking grade. After the ordeal I realized I was not entirely approachable and thought, "I'm not very nice as a manager, in fact, I think I seem a little stand-offish and condescending." But thanks to mysticariadne, if I let one little undergrad class get to me, especially one that did not offer much for me to learn from and where I get unfortunately get stuck with a bunch of apathetic dopes, well then I wouldn't really make it far when I do finally go out into the real world. I did evaluate that I did not do so well in the controlling function of management but I guess I'll just use it as a building block until then.

So now I'm just reflecting on the laziness of 2nd year students. It amazes me that they are still here. I'm not being arrogant and I know people want to have fun and that homework + reading constantly does get to you but there's a limit. Coasting off of hard-working people is not acceptable... but yet it is life and what people in this world do from time to time.
[end edit]

I recently finished a management group project, which I have to say, is the worst turn out for a university-level group project. Eight people for an assignment is ridiculous. Four, yes. Eight, no. Now I'm not getting cocky and saying that just because it's university level that the intelligence of my team mates are below par. Work, especially work in college should be done meticulously and not copied off Wikipedia.com

We were assigned this project... about 3 weeks ago and I'm the only one chirping about getting started ahead of time. I took the initiative to be group leader since, well, no one seemed to care. I picked out a different marketing sector (although since its a 200 student class someone's bound to pick something similar to mine) and my group complied. However they had no freakin' clue what Trader Joe's or Whole Foods Market was. Splitting the work was fine. Getting it done was the problem.

The weekend before the assignment was due I had to do the pain-in-the-ass job of coagulating it. I told all my team mates it had to be done before midnight of a certain day. And it was quite clear when I received them that they wrote them in the very last minute. Only one guy did his job properly. When I received all three portions... there was a mess, no a cyclone of grammar errors. Who writes essays in first, second and THIRD person perspective?! Gah! I wasted 4 hours editing them and reading them at the same time to make sure it was coherent and followed the guidelines of the paper. The harder part was preserving their work without dumping my writing into it.

Afterwards, I had to do my portion of the work (which couldn't be done without all 3 previous parts) and I assigned a girl to help me. I split it into halves and she only did a fourth of the work. I waited until 1am waiting for her work until I realized I was screwed and had to write up her part. I was freakin' hell sleepy but I got it done anyhow. I e-mailed my entire group for feedback but none of them replied.

I put a lot of effort into making sure it was a good paper compilation. Anyway the only time I could get it proofread by the writing center was at 8 in the morning the day it was due. I was so tired plus wasted about 2-3 dollars printing the 12-page paper. Two hours before class started, the girl who didn't do her work e-mailed it to me after I printed it. It's like.... "You e-mail it to me now expecting me to tack it in?!" I refused to put it in since she missed a simple deadline and her portion was only to write 8 sentences, not 8 pages.

Edit: 7/3/08
The prof didn't like what the majority of the class turned in (she was not clear on what she wanted) so she gave it back to us for a 2nd revision.

It was due today. Today was, well, a mess. I am baffled by some student's performance. Maybe I'm just a sourpuss but at this point, I sucked it in and gave a general kind attitude towards my group since they think I'm a strict hard ass and when I'm a hard ass, they don't listen. I found it's better to pat them on the back. As the old adage goes, "You catch more bees with honey than with vinegar."

I tried being a strict team manager, an understanding manager, but overall, a manager that is flexible but yet efficient. I don't think I achieved any of that. After sending out an email reminder the night before, one girl forgets her first draft which was required for final draft and one guy, I cannot believe, wasn't even awake when class started (another teammate had to call him to haul his ass to class) and I think he crammed his revisions in his dorm in the duration of the class and ran over to the lecture hall to hand it to me. He had an entire week to do the revisions and it's like... yeah I give up. I'm not going to spend time being angry about it because I'm fed up with this nonsense business strategy paper.

This bang up job reflected on me the most and I looked bad to the prof when I am about the only one (aside from one other guy who did his portion correctly and on time) working hard to make sure it's consistent. I talked to the TA and she understood. I'm just hoping I get a good grade my portion of the work and that it's not a piece of shit like the rest of them.

C'est la vie dans la universitaire....

Later days.

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